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What we do

Village Infrastructure was incorporated in June 2012 in London and is founded by Stewart Craine, Lucy Symons and Kim Chen.  Our mission is to make solar energy affordable to everyone through long term energy loans.

Energy and Poverty

There are currently 1.3 billion people world-wide that live in energy poverty, nearly
20% of the world’s population. Energy poverty exists where households and communities lack access to electricity, heat and other forms of power. Without access to modern energy, many households rely upon kerosene lamps for lighting; an expensive and dangerous fuel. Left unchecked, more than 4,000 are expected to die prematurely each day from the dangerous fumes and health impacts of such fuels- more than those who die prematurely from HIV/AIDS.

Affordable energy for the majority world

Energy is important not only for providing light and heat, but also for building the fundamentals of healthcare, sanitation and industry. It forms the foundation of development. Our mission is to support communities to acquire basic energy infrastructure, to own and manage their own their power production.To make this happen, we will bring together business angel investors and communities in emerging markets. Focused on the end to end process, Village Infrastructure will offer 1-3 year energy loans to finance poverty alleviating infrastructure for villages. We’ll start with solar charging stations to provide lighting and mobile phone charging for villages- learn more about how this works here.

Building Energy Businesses

In 2010, Stewart attended the G20 Summit in Seoul and collected an award at the G20 SME Finance Challenge.  With grant funding secured through this award, Village Infrastructure has incorporated and developed a model focused on creating jobs and kickstarting sustainable energy businesses, owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. Village Solar Stations are just the first step of a big and ambitious journey. We hope you’ll join us as an investor or partner in the field.

Who we are

Stewart Craine is our CEO and Engineering/technical manager. Stewart spent the last 6 years as founder and CEO of Barefoot Power, which has reached more than 2 million with solar lighting. Barefoot Power was the first Australian company listed in the CleanTech100 and Stewart has featured in TIME, the New York Times and Richard Branson’s latest book “Screw Business as Usual”.

Kim Chen is Field Operations Manager and will direct logistics and liason with field partners. Kim specialized in logistics and supply chain strategy planning through her work at McKinsey and has extensive startup experience, spending three years co-founding an online company which was successfully sold to NASDAQ-listed Internet Brands and subsequently doing independent strategy work for technology startups.

Lucy Symons is the General Manager and is based in London. Lucy facilitated due diligence to close +$2M in financing for Barefoot Power and was Regional Communications Manager for USAID’s Private Financing Advisory Network, which saw +200M of private sector investment in clean energy businesses across Asia.

Progress to Date 

  • Grant funding secured in the G20 SME Finance Challenge
  • Trial of two 50-household solar stations undertaken in Karnataka, India
  • Pilot Project to install eleven solar stations  commenced in October 2012 in Ghana, in partnership with Impact Energies

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